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BeSafe iZi Up HC – Another first from Wheel Well


We are proud to announce that we have a safe option in a booster seat for our disabled children. Way back in the day when Wheel Well was still in its infancy, I realised that our disabled children do not have an alternative in a car seat after they have outgrown the toddler seat. This sent me searching high and low for a professionally modified and crash tested booster seat. The long hours of work have paid off. The BeSafe iZi Up HC has landed.


I was delighted when I stumbled across Medema, a Scandinavian company that specialises in products for people and children with disabilities. They are professionals that understand disabilities and mobility. I was especially delighted that they use the BeSafe iZi Up as the base for their modified booster as I already had a very good relationship with Born Fabulous, the importers of BeSafe in South Africa. We immediately set to work to make these seats available to parents in South Africa.

The BeSafe Izi Up Booster is an impressive booster seat and why should children with special needs be offered a poorer choice of car seats than those offered in the commercial market? It is a seat with extremely good protection, thanks to the revolutionary Side Impact Rotation System (SIR), which will protect your child in the event of a side-on collision by allowing the child car seat to rotate away.

BeSafe iZi UP HC is now available for children and young people up to around 135 cm with stability problems, who need more support and comfort. The solution has been tested with adjustable side wings, pommel, adjustable headrest, harness, crotch strap, turntable and extra thigh support. Both Born Fabulous and Wheel Well have waivered all profit on this seat to make it more affordable.


“Special need restraint” is the ECE test that provides a basis for legal changes, the benchmark and a legal requirement in the commercial car seat market. The BeSafe IZi Up modified booster has been tested according to the “Special need restraint ” criteria, this is stated clearly on its own ECE approval number on the back of the chair.



  • Crash tested with all accessories
  • Special headrest, offering variable support
  • Extra thigh support
  • Side wings, adjustable in width and height
  • Pommel
  • Soft seat unit
  • Soft back padding

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