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Car Seat Corner

This is your go-to place for all things car seat. Learn the lingo, rules, regulations and so much more!

Feel free to download and print the posters and share the information far and wide.

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Always secure your child in a car seat when you drive anywhere. Most collisions occur “just around the corner”.

Infant or baby, seats are specifically designed to keep a baby safe during the first months of their life.

At 4 years of age, 95cm or at a minimum of 15kg, your child is ready to ride in the booster.

The next group up for your child is the toddler or group 1 seat per ECE regulations.

Golden rules of car seats and Car Seat 101

Car Seat 101 – 5 Point Test

Car Seat Journey

I-Size or Reg 129

ECE Regulations Explained

Road Rules for Super Heros

Car Rules for Super Heros