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Car Seats For Kids

Wheel Well receives donated child safety seats to create a “seat exchange” where lower income families can receive child restraints in return for an affordable donation. The seats are thoroughly cleaned and checked for defects before they put into stock. We encourage parents to return the seats once outgrown to perpetuate the cycle.


  • Raise awareness on the benefits of child restraint use.
  • Enable lower income families to follow their conscience and obtain a seat.
  • Educate parents in the correct installation and use of seats.
  • Motivate change to the primary legislation, the National Road Traffic Act, 1996, Regulation 213 and Regulation 231 of the National Road Traffic act, 1999, Part IV: Loads on vehicles – Manner in which children to be counted for purposes of regulations.

Changes we propose:

  • Inclusion of children under the age of three in the definition of a child.
    – Achieved April 2015
  • Changes to the wording of the act and thereby making appropriate child restraints mandatory for all children.
  • For purposes of loads on vehicles, all children should be counted as one person.
  • Motivate more retail outlets to keep child restraints in stock.

Our contribution:

  • Administer the seat exchange, make sure there are always enough seats to go around and a steady flow of applicants.
  • Attend various events and promotions with the campaign.
  • Do presentations on the topics around seat belt and child restraint usage at schools, meetings, companies, etc.
  • Meet with stakeholders in the industry to promote the campaign and to realise the outcomes of the campaign.
  • Exposure for the campaign on social media, e.g. Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Compile reports on how funds were allocated and outcomes achieved.