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Parents: Before You Drive, Make Sure Your Car is Child Safe


From a colleague in road safety in the United States.

You might be surprised to learn how many parents do not know how to install and use a child car seat correctly. It’s a larger number than you might imagine, but knowing these things are as vital as driving safely, maintaining a good vehicle, and not drinking before driving. In the U.S., 600 children die every year as a result of car accidents and over 120,000 are injured. Of these, 35% were not wearing seat belts.

Many others were not in correctly installed child car seats. There are some common mistakes which a lot of people make. These are:

1. Using the wrong kind of car seat
2. Not registering the seat with the manufacturer
3. Not securing the seat adequately to the vehicle
4. Not securing the child to the seat properly
5. Not using booster seats for older children
6. Ignoring car seat recalls

You can find more information on these 6 mistakes and how to fix them, as well as a lot more information on preparing and using your car in a more child-friendly manner with this complete parents guide to child safe driving.

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