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About Wheel Well

Wheel Well is ideally structured to achieve its purpose. We are a registered Section 21 company: 2008/004093/08. We are exempt in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act: PBO #930041005. The Members of the Board are reliable, accomplished people who have solid experience in the sectors of Road Safety, Marketing and Financial Administration.

Our Destination:

We are totally committed to achieving our goals. We aim to be an energetic and highly capable advocate for Children’s Road Safety inSouth Africa. We aim to be highly visible and audible to our various audiences in the course of our campaigns and activities.

Our Journey:

We have vital milestones that we are determined to reach.

  • We aim to make people aware of the critical issues.
  • We aim to vigorously promote educational initiatives.
  • We aim to strengthen legal protections as they pertain to Children’s Road Safety.The above goals can be achieved if we maximize our footprint. By running highly impactful projects and campaigns which have the ability to convince our various audiences – aligning sponsors and partners in an effective collaboration. All our activities are carried out with cast-iron integrity whilst maintaining complete transparency at all times.

    The Driver:

    Peggie Mars, the founder of Wheel Well, has extensive experience in car seats across all brands and models and keeps up to date on all trends and developments within that industry. A teacher by profession, she has a special connection with children and she lives out her passion for knowledge and education through her various campaigns. She is a leading expert on all things car seat and road safety for children.

    The Navigators:

    Eugene Herbert

    Eugene has been involved in the motor industry for the past 33 years and has held directorships in several companies. Eugene’s depth of experience and expertise in the industry as well as in Road Safety, add immeasurable value to Wheel Well.

    Peter Townshend

    Peter has extensive business experience and an expert in ethical and effective business practises. He is the owner of several businesses and his vast tome of knowledge and innovative approach to business help steer us with ease through the rocky roads and potholes.

    Charmaine van Wyk

    Charmaine is the Public Relations Manager for Bakwena N1N4 Toll Road. Besides managing all aspects of PR & marketing withinBakwena, Charmaine’s involvement in CSI (Corporate Social Investment) is a testimony to her enthusiasm & commitment in the areas of Road Safety, environmental, health, community upliftment and nature conservation along the N1N4 route.

    Pertunia Sibanyoni

    Pertunia is the CEO of InspectaCar and she is a dedicated and passionate manager with more than a decade of experience in the fuel retail industry where she has been responsible for crafting and executing successful sales and marketing strategies to bring about business development and profitability. Her appetite for all things automotive, coupled to her extensive franchise experience, has enabled her to immerse herself in a new challenge, the exciting world of the motor industry. Pertunia is an ardent proponent of transformation in the workplace and in business, and believe strongly in uplifting, mentoring and coaching young women.

Our Pit Crew:

Theresa, Thabile, and Selby make up the team that holds the fort at our shop in the Micro Industrial Park, Strijdom Park. From here we run the Car Seats for Kids campaign and general operations. Their hands-on experience in car seats ensures that the seats donated to us are expertly cleaned and handed out with the necessary knowledge to the parents to use the seats effectively. They have magic in their hands and a song in their hearts.

Our Racing Stripes:

We have earned our racing stripes through hard work and our extensive hands-on experience with car seats. All the seats that go through our hands are thoroughly checked for safety, professionally cleaned and serviced. Our focus is first and foremost the safety of the next child in that seat and not the profit that might come from it. Seats that do not meet our high standards are sent for recycling. Every parent also gets a complete Car Seat 101 lesson on how to use and install the seat. We will hold their hand through all the stages of car seats and challenges that go with the territory. Our motto is: For Impact – not for Profit

We have extensive knowledge and insight on the design, development, regulations, laws and best practice where car seats are concerned.

Our projects for children as pedestrians are all designed to have multiple benefits for children. Not just road safety, but safety in general, education, literacy as well as leadership skills. Children have a very specific profile in traffic and we must always keep that top most in mind when we are looking for solutions.

Activism is one of the vital pillars in our approach to road safety for children. We keep up the pressure towards changes in legislation, improving statistics and post crash care that will benefit our children.

Our Fuel:

Like all modern vehicles, Wheel Well is streamlined and fuel efficient. We make funding go far with our economical driving style.

Currently, our tanks hold enough fuel to last us three months ahead. It is much like traveling at night. You can only see the road ahead as far as the headlights allow, but you have complete faith that the rest of the road is there. Additional funding will help us see the road further ahead and appreciate and affect the changing scenario that is road safety for children in South Africa.

Our Milestones:

On an epic journey such as this one, there are many memorable moments. Every bit of funding that comes in, all the seats donated, all the very special children and their families, over 8300 thus far, that the Car Seats for Kids campaign has touched and all those precious moments that we experience are all very special milestones on our journey. Please browse the rest of our website for our magic moments. Milestones that stand out are:

  •  A 24% decrease in child road fatalities since 2012, while the total road death toll creeps up every year.
  • Over 8300 children in car seats through the Car Seats for Kids Campaign.
  • Gumtree Women in Autos Award for extraordinary contribution to the automotive industry – August 2018
  • Our first international funding from GlobalGiving in partnership with Ford Motor Company Fund in July 2018
  •  First handout of Halo Beanies in our Glow Kids Glow child pedestrian project in April 2018
  • Proud winner of the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2016 – Safer Road User category
  • Besafe Izi UP HC for disabled children
  • Our annual October Transport Month collaborations.
  • Amendment 22 to the National Road Traffic Act that makes car seats compulsory for children under 3.
  • Opening our shop at Brightwater Commons

It is of vital importance that Wheel Well continue to serve our children in road safety. Our work and repository of expertise belong to the people of South Africa in the interest of our children and future drivers. Funding received will be used to further education and awareness on the vulnerability of children in traffic as well as secure our future, succession, and sustainability by applying sound financial, marketing and business practices.