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Toddler Seats


The next group up for your child is the toddler or group 1 seat per ECE regulations.

Toddler seats are designed for children from 6 months, 9kg or 70cm tall. There is an overlap in the size and weight requirements for car seats. This is to accommodate the fact that kiddies do not come in a standard package. We have short chubby kids, tall skinny ones and every variation in-between. The upper limits for a toddler seat are 18kg, 105cm or 4 years old.

Toddler seats can be convertible seats, in other words, you can install the seat in a rear facing and forward facing position. You also get combination seats. This is where you have more than one group of seat combined in one. Make sure you read the manual carefully and understand the features of your combination and convertible seats so that you can use it to your child’s best advantage. Toddler seats typically can either forward face till 18kg, rear face till 13 kg and then forward face till 18kg or rear face till 18kg.

1. Your child can now sit stronger and will enjoy the more upright position as they start to interact with their world.

2. Toddler seats must have a 5 point harness.

3. Toddler seats recline for more comfort when sleeping, especially when they are little.

4. Red markers will indicate seat belt guides for a forward facing installation and blue will mark the guides for a seat belt installation rear facing. I remember it as blue is for babies and red is for rascals. Follow the instruction in your manual to the letter as the installation differs between different seats.

5. Toddler seats can be installed with Isofix as well. Make sure your vehicle is Isofix compliant before you purchase an Isofix seat.

6. Toddler seats remain in the vehicle.

7. Words of warning: Keep your child in a toddler seat till they are at least 4, 105cm or 18kg in weight. Resist the temptation to move your child up to a booster seat too early.

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