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Wheel Well’s Circle of Love


Here at Wheel Well we experience Magic Moments all the time. One of those that stand out was the Circle of Love that was started by Born Fabulous, Importers of Stokke and BeSafe car seats. The Fabulous Folk at Born Fabulous gave us a BeSafe Izi Sleep towards the Car Seat for Kids campaign. Thank you Sandra, Michele and Brent for your generosity. A seat such as this one is out of reach for most parents and is the pinnacle of safety in car seats.


MasterDrive, our partner in driver training, came up with the brilliant idea to run a survey on car seats through their weekly newsletter, Alert Driver and offer the seat as a prize to one of the participants. This gave us a unique insight into the habits of parents using car seats or not.

The winner of the draw was a very special lady, Wendy Clausen. Since her kids were way too big for the seats and grandchildren an equally distant prospect, she decided to pay it forward.


Wendy handed the seat back to us with her blessings to the new family.

As Providence would have it, the very next family that walked into our shop was Sylvester and Joy. They have been volunteering at an orphanage and of all the kids that they spend time with, little Kiera crept into their hearts. They decided to give this special little angel a forever family and are in need of a car seat to take her home over weekends for the duration of the adoption process. It is one of the things about the Car Seat for Kids campaign that never ceases to amaze me – the right car seat and the right kid always connect.


Joy and Sylvester were delighted at the prospect and on Friday, before they went to fetch little Keira, we handed the seat over with a complete Car Seat 101 lesson on how to use the seat. Joy was smiling from ear to ear and could not hold back the tears of gratitude. We installed the seat and oohed and aahed about all the special safety features. The BeSafe Izi Sleep seat is truly beautiful.


Little Kiera quickly snuggled into her new seat and promptly fell asleep. Snug as a bug and safe too! Joy will return the seat when Kiera has outgrown it and the seat will find the next special child to keep safe. I love the process!!!

A huge big thank you to all involved. It is moments such as these that makes our world a wonderful place to be in.

Much love
Peggie and team.


  1. tchikoo74 August 6, 2015

    How do we find you because i am in need of one too

  2. wheelwell August 31, 2015

    Please find us at Brightwater Commons in Randburg on the Republic Road.

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